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    CoronaVirus Europe: History Time Vs Now


    May 12, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Tuesday May 12, 2020

    *Featured Image: Cartoon Movement, ‘The Real Virus?’ By Marco De Angelis, Feb 20, 2020.

    Capitalists adherents in China with their western supporters, continuously meddle in the affairs of China to agitate and foment hatred for communist China (notwithstanding that China has its own draconian rule) to topple it, irrespective of the fact that western capitalism is the same ideology that drive westerners to invade other countries and capture it for themselves, to milk it dry.. Now its all about Wall Street and stocks with fat CEOs pays.


    Chinese advocates for capitalism, like Taiwan, Hong Kong and those operating within China (to subvert) should note that they might not be the ones making the ‘freedom’ move at all. The element of White hegemony is wickedness and sorrowness of heart and mind. Nothing is free. They can be impishly rude and embarrassingly obsessive. These are again, an amalgamation of White westerners and its hardcore belief-system, with separatism as their core, to occupy and benefit as their own. If Chinese adherents of capitalism agitate to or attempt to overthrown the communist regime in China, there would be war. The best people to gauge the enormity of their own truth, will be Whites themselves. Or they wont be cavorting in the South China sea and meddling in the affairs of Asia and China in particular.

    Trumpf, who believe in White rule only doesn’t overtly include African-Americans in his cabinet, he practices racism to his own hurt but that is his heritage as German. Behold Germany in American politics.
    Video: Al Jazeera English, May 11, 2020, Youtube

    White European America takes the attitude that they are exclusively White and must practice racism, as its core value, to hold on to power. Anything diverse is seen as threatening to their purpose in life. Its very essence is why we see a lot of deaths today. European-American’s rule is very bitter to many a thousand, as they insist on being more American, by hook or crook, of course one shouldn’t fault the concept, they dwell in the cold of the tundra of the globe and find comfort in it.

    Video: Al Jazeera English, May 7, 2020, Youtube

    China self-flagellates a bit to get the facts out, blaming their own efficient political system, communism. Communism suits China because they are a collective society and bespokes of who they are, not too much of an European ideology but by their own culture, belief systems and traditions. The modern political system is invented to suit their political needs and are cohesively difficult to ascertain and its highly successful in its managerial style. Unlike Europe’s capitalism style, which is highly draconian, ram-rod stiff upper-lip, severe and non-conforming. Its highly militaristic and intolerant. It bespokes of militarism itself which China abhors to its very soul. Below is the most important piece of yet done by NTD.

    Video: China In Focus – NTD, May 11, 2020, Youtube

    Rockefeller, a German-American, started the money funding of China and the two gained hugely by it. That tradition is closely followed by Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, and through them, Wall Street channel huge sums of money to China, the favorite chamberlain. Wall Street, the soul of America, catered to China and China in turn became defiant due to the attention the top banks lavished on it. White Americans grew quiet, so far as they are given a stock share. Communinism is an internal affair of China, whether they choose whichever political system to model their country on, is not of the westerners problem. China might also look down on capitalism and uses it for its own convenience.

    A bit of history and how people react to it till its too late…

    Video: Now This News, April 27, 2020, Youtube

    The Netherlands’ “interests” and China’s parry the interests….

    Video: NTD , May 9, 2020, Youtube

    So, who will win? Will China run to Africans, whom it has offended so deeply with its own racist attitude and racism at its core?

    Mass grave being dug in New York, Hart Island.
    Video: Al Jazeera English, April 10, 2020, Yoiutube

    Its heart-wrenching…

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