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    CoronaVirus Europe: The Horror Doctors Face In Russia – Pushed To Death


    May 6, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Wednesday May 6, 2020

    *Featured: Al Jazeera English, May 6, 2020, Youtube

    Italy slowly reopens…

    Video: BBC News, May 4, 2020, Youtube

    Western Europe continue to wrestle with the deadly virus and goes on bravely to tackle it …

    Video: Al Jazeera English, April 30, 2020, Youtube


    Video: NTD, April 27, 2020, Youtube

    The country that starts trade routes and greedily kills off competition to stay in Asia and China with Japan is pointing fingers at China and its dragonic greed.

    Video: NTD, April

    Previous of NTD…UK eager to please China…

    Video: NTD, April 20, 2020, Youtube

    These are the same group of traders and governors who will do nothing to scour the earth for its riches. What?! Hasn’t it been known for a millenia? UK is a progenitor, an active instigator of all things trade with China and beyond. They started it and got rich by them. Look at history. So UK and Spain and France and Germany should be overlooked for their role in the pandemic and blame China lone? What crap is that?

    Video: China In Focus – NTD, April 23, 2020, Youtube

    Some pretty serious allegations about China’s insidious threats against those who oppose it…

    Video: NTD, April 30, 2020, Youtube

    An in-depth look at China’s use of their flopping soft-power strategy

    Video: Crossroads With Joshua Philipp, April 27, 2020, Youtube

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