CoronaVirus: Face Masks & Essentials

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Yorbing Staff Saturday April 4, 2020

*Featured: Today, April 4, 2020 Youtube

MariaAntoinette TV’s masks making seems solid, check it out…

Video: MariaAntoinette TV, March 30, 2020, Youtube

Just Rock it as you sew…

Video: JZ Djohar, March 22, 2020, Youtube

Make a pattern then cut and sew.

Thoughtful Creative

Video: Thoughtful Creative-


Video: Keiko_olsson, March 4, 2020, Youtube

Costura DIY…

Video: Costura DIY, march 29, 2020, Youtube

And dont despair….

Video: NoWayFarer, March 19, 2020, Youtube

Ok know some differences and get a better one, fast…

Video: The Strait Times, March 8, 2020, Youtube

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