CoronaVirus: Get Soothed By Docs & Teams

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Yorbing Staff Sunday April 5, 2020, Youtube

*Featured: The Quint, March 6, 2020, Youtube

Belt out…dont be afraid…

Video: CBS This Morning, March 25, 2020, Youtube


Video: CBS News, March 27, 2020, Youtube

The Oregonian…

Video: Oregonian, March 31, 2020, Youtube

Shimmy down…

Video: Mayo Clinic, Jan 8, 2020, Youtube

Dr. Tony Atkins has been rocking it all the time…

Video: Tony Adkins PA-C, April 29, 2019, Youtube

Dr. Elvis Francois…

Video: Doctor Elvis Francois, March 25, 2020, Youtube

Cheer up…

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