CoronaVirus: Ghana Tops Highest Cases In West Africa

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Yorbing Staff Monday April 20, 2020

*Featured: Sorry for the quality of the video but I couldn’t resist sending the obvious gaff of the Ghana president. MyJoyOnLine TV, April 20, 2020, Youtube

Akufo Addo’s Administration goofs with lifting the lockdown with a wobbly excuse without scientific cure solution or economic stimulus to hard-pressed Ghanaians. The number of the virus rises over 1000 case from 834.

Instead of Akufo Addo issuing cash incentives and orderly food distribution, he takes the easy way out and let loose complaining Ghanaians who do not have any idea how serious and deadly the evolved virus is, to flood the streets without protective measures or even a vaccine discovery. Stay home!

A frustrated Nigerian…

Video: Sahara TV, April 17, 2020, Youtube

And military sweeps across the beaches to ward off revelers…

Video: GhanaWeb TV, April 13, 2020, Youtube

Police directs some rules to follow downtown Accra…

Video: GhanaWeb TV, April 9, 2020, Youtube

Accra tight check points…

Video: GhanaWeb, April 7, 2020, Youtube

Meanwhile no Health Minister is talking here, why Information Minister? Its a little deviating situation in Ghana’s leaders style…

Video: GhanaWeb TV, April 7, 2020, Youtube

Looking at the stimulus program US grants to their citizens, Ghana’s seem useless and grossly underpaid even though they top the worst hit in west Africa so far…Ghana’s professional markets are virtually closed to professional diasporans so there’s no worth given to the Cedi.

For instance, the Akufo-Addo’s government dolled out a miserable half penny to head porters in Accra. This is to give worth to their own work force.

TV360, Nigeria…

Video: TV360, April 3, 2020, Youtube

South Africa invents a ‘box’ to prevent infection…

Video: TRT World, April 20, 2020, Youtube

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