CoronaVirus: Global Reaction & Infected Profile

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday March 25, 2020

*Featured: Good Morning America, March 16, 2020, Youtube

BBC News…

Video: BBC News, March 25, 2020, Youtube

Global News…India’s 100 million people quarantined?

Video: Global News, March 23, 2020, Youtube

Germany’s Merkel handshake…The Guardian…

Video: Guardian News, March 3, 2020, Youtube

Italian authorities tell people to stay home…

Video: on Demand News, March 15, 2020, Youtube

Italy’s emphatic ‘stay home!’

Video: Guardian News, March 23, 2020, Youtube

High profiled people infected…

Video: TRT World, March 13, 2020, Youtube

And some US celebrities…

Video: The List, March 13, 2020, Youtube

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