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    CoronaVirus Globe: A Snippet Of CoronaVirus History


    May 3, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Sunday May 3, 2020.

    *Featured Research Report Image From: NCBI.NLM.GOV., By Aisha M. Al-Osail and Marwan J. Al-Wazzah, ‘The History And Epidemiology Of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus‘, Published online Aug 7, 2017 [accessed on May 3, 2020].

    The virus seem to be from previous outbreaks, from an infected bat, to camels in the Middle East (MERS disease) from a variety of organism that might cause disease in humans. People get infected through unprotected contact with infected dromedary camels OR infected people such as patients, healthcare workers and family members. The MERS-CoV infected countries along the Arab countries, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, Qatar. The disease has been quietly spreading since 2012 from the Middle East.

    The disease is a virus genome, originated in bats some time in the distant past, that has persisted till now to COVID-19. The virus is highly toxic to humans at frightening pace. The disease persisted in Saudi Arabia as another key original country by an infected camel which in turn was infected by a bat.

    There was an original outbreak of coronavirus in Guangdong, province of China way back in 2002-2003. The strain found there was cold-like and at first non-fatal. The China outbreak, resulted in the spread to many other countries (like the stink-bug) including Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and United States Of America. It caused SARS. “experts focused on the understanding the pathogenesis of the disease and discovered that this infection was caused by a new form of corona virus”…

    Video: CBS This Morning, May 3, 2014, Youtube

    According to the report, “The evolution of this virus demonstrated that coronavirus is not a stable virus and can adapt to become more virulent, even lethal, to humans. Indeed, another outbreak in Saudi Arabia in 2012 resulted in many deaths and spread first to other countries in the Middle East and then worldwide, resulting in renewed interest in studies of this new form of coronavirus”… Please see here for the report.

    Johua Philipp’s report seem convoluted with a political agenda, which is very sad, considering the enormous deathly spread across nations. They seem more interested in winning an award and accolation than getting information right so we can understand what is going on.

    And we commend the WHO for telling some form of truth to gain accolation and funding for the f**king hegemony in aiding Taiwan to become a renegade state to f***king China, ass bitch!

    There is however a bias report by two Europeans, Stephen A. Goldstein and Susan R Weiss, who implicate African bat as a likely source which was seized on by China to acuse Africans of carrying the strain. Goldstein state: “The origins of MERS-CoV, likely in African bats, are increasingly clear, although important questions remain about the establishment of dromedary camels as a reservoir seeding human outbreaks. Likewise, there have been important advances in the development of animal models, and both non-human primate and mouse models that seem to recapitulate human disease are now available. How MERS-CoV evades and inhibits the host innate immune response remains less clear. Although several studies have identified MERS-CoV proteins as innate immune antagonists, little of this work has been conducted using live virus under conditions of actual infection, but rather with ectopically expressed proteins”.

    Europe is so anti-African that everything bad must come from African soil. Bats are everywhere on earth, but why particularly from Africa? European scientists seem to condemn Africa for apocalypsical happenings but have no evidence as their scientific results are always implicated as bias towards Africans, in the first place and as a whole. B*tches.

    The two studies are not extensive enough to explain the pandemic. According to Science Insider, a virus attaches itself by latching onto a host cell, entering it or injecting bits of itself into it and then hijacking it.

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