CoronaVirus Globe: Bill Gates On A Killing Spree In Africa

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday June 24, 2020

*Featured: BBC News Africa, June 24, 2020, Youtube

There have been many complaints about Bill Gates Foundation in Africa performing illegal abortions on Africa women…if people do not want it, they should simply kick it out. Period. Below is Nigerian women’s right to abortion advocate vlogger Obianuju Ekeocha

Video: Obianuju Ekeocha, June 15, 2020, Youtube

Brazil’s Covid 19 cases are pretty high …

Video: Al Jazeera English, June 23, 2020, Youtube

Race for a vaccine…

Video: Bloomberg Markets And Finance, June 22, 2020, Youtube

Diasporan Community in Asia’s key countries, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore…

Video: The Black Experience, March 16, 2020, Youtube

And frustrated people fed up with the lockdown, let out by flames in Stuttgart Germany…

Video: France 24, June 21, 2020, Youtube

Airlines rules now …

Video: NBC News, June 20, 2020, Youtube

Brazil go over a million mark of infections…

Video: Al Jazeera English, June 20, 2020, Youtube

Whites and Asians are made to get convenience to travel unrestricted with top class safety measures…

Video: DW News, May 31, 2020, Youtube

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