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    CoronaVirus Globe: China’s Dirty Laundry, Trevor Noah Disses Out 🤔


    Aug 8, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Saturday August 8, 2020. *Featured: 123RF.com ‘Feeling unwell, sad, shaken‘ [accessed Aug 8, 2020].

    Environmental disasters plague Chinese provinces…

    Video: China In Focus -NTD


    Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Aug 7, 2020, Youtube

    Some hysterics…

    Video: NBC News, Aug 7., 2020, Youtube

    Mike Pence gets a swipe …

    Video: The Young Turks, Aug 7, 2020, Youtube

    China Embassy documents in Houston burns …

    Video: China In Focus -NTD, Aug 7, 2020, Youtube

    China is experiencing harsh issues …

    Video: CrossRoads With JOSHUA PHILIPP, Aug 7, 2020, Youtube

    And some girl’s shit…I want some girls shit…I need to f***k…!

    Video: Linda Sandrine, July 22, 2020, Youtube

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