CoronaVirus Globe: Face Mask Fighters As Cases Spike

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Yorbing Staff Tuesday July 14, 2020, *Featured: DW News, July 7, 2020, Youtube.

Hospitals are filled to capacity…

Video: NBC News, July 11, 2020, Youtube

U.S., Oklahoma virus cases rise…

Video: The Oklahoman, July 9, 2020, Youtube

The multiplying viruses change…

Video: DW News, July 10, 2020, Youtube

And scarier and scarier…?

Video: China In Focus -NTD, July 8, 2020, Youtube

And deaths…for what?

Video: Washington Post, July 11, 2020, Youtube

As Bolsonaro contracts the virus…

Video: iTV News, July 7, 2020, Youtube

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