CoronaVirus Monetary Effects I

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Yorbing Staff Friday March 27, 2020

*Featured: Jack Chapple, March 16, 2020, Youtube.

Laws to limit evictions with 3-4 months forbearance…We have to be patient as things untangle because China’s trade with nations was unrestrained, greedy and powerful. There are pockets of hold ups everywhere. Hold your money purse tight. Be prepared for hard-ups like vehicle payments, mortgage/rents, water, electricity, garbage, food, house maintenance, gas, clothes etc If investments are not bearing any outcomes, its a disaster. So be safe!

Video: CBS Philly, March 25, 2020, Youtube

Strain on resources and running low on supplies…New York Times…



Video: Bloomberg Markets And Finance, March 23, 2020, Youtube

Small businesses are struggling…and some have not made sales at all, for months…Yahoo Finance…

Video: Yahoo Finance, March 19, 2020, Youtube

Check Trevor Noah’s take on a stimulus plan thwarted by incessant politicking and ruinous shits…(Take 13:06)…where slush fund will belong to Republicans and Trump…who is sitting on money and who is stealing credit cards?

Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, March 23, 2020, Youtube

No panic buying so far as we orbit the net…

Video: LunaPark, March 21, 2020, Youtube

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