CoronaVirus: New Cases Trend Again

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Yorbing Staff Thursday May 21, 2020

*Featured: Channel 4 News, April 29, 2020, Youtube

Pretty graphic Thai market scene with inhumane conditions, this is a world-wide phenomenon and must be cracked down…

As leaders fight…

Video: Arirang News, May 20, 2020, Youtube

New cases pop up…a pretty accurate assessment…

Video: China In Focus-NTD, May 21, 2020, Youtube

Take precautions…

Video: WIRED, May 6, 2020, Youtube

Might be a mistake to reopen too early…

Video: WIRED, April 28, 2020, Youtube

Dr. Yasmin said not preparing for another surge will be a tragic mistake because the Spanish Flu pandemic had a massive death rate in the second and third waves, so in order to prevent millions from dying:

– Have approved antiviral drugs to tackle the disease.

– Have right amount of personal protection (PPE) for first respondents in healthcare so they do not spread the virus. Hospitals must have enough beds and resources

– Ramp up tests dramatically, meaning having a mass, accurate, widely available and quick turn-around testing, could be the most important factor in reopening…”Without accurate testing, we have no idea how far and wide this virus has spread and that means we cant diagnose quickly and treat them appropriately. This is especially important, given that as many as 1-4 people who has the disease doesn’t show any symptoms. And in that context asymptomatic spread means continue to testing, even as number of cases declines, and we may need to test people multiple times.

The enormity of the problem has not yet sank in.

Video: ABC News, May 5, 2020, Youtube

Pay attention to below explanation as the information keep changing…

Video: Science Insider, April 24, 2020, Youtube

Vox explains it even better with face masks…

Video: Vox, April 22, 2020, Youtube

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