CoronaVirus: Pray

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Yorbing Staff Sunday April 5, 2020

*Featured: Upclose with the epic virus infections…Washington Post, April 4, 2020, Youtube

This might NOT BE DURING CoronaVirus (infact its occured in 2018) but its what should be trending in the hospitals for effectual edification, protection and lives saved…

Video: Everything Lubbock, July 20, 2018, Youtube

Dont stop petitioning in prayer to Yahweh the Lord God, just continue in peace…

Video: WXII 12 News, March 25, 2020, Youtube

Keep praying…He is Risen, we are in it together with the LORD…

Video: KMOV St. Louis, April 1, 2020, Youtube

NBC News…

Video: NBC News, April 5, 2020, Youtube

ABC News….

Video: ABC News, April 4, 2020, Youtube


Video: Arirang News, April 1, 2020, Youtube

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