CoronaVirus: Some Globe Updates

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Yorbing Staff Friday June 19, 2020

*Featured: Arirang News, June 18, 2020, Youtube

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Video: EqualMan, June 18, 2020, Youtube

Ghana’s covid 19 cases still rising but keeps victims out of sight and under the rug, they’d rather imitate UK’s methodology of announcement which is pretty frustrating …

Video: GhanaWeb, June 16, 2020, Youtube

Nigeria reporting blah, blah, blah, ….

Video: TV360, June 17, 2020, Youtube

Peru’s coronavirus cases still climbing and health workers complain…

Video: Al Jazeera English, June 18, 2020, Youtube

China’s new virus cases …

Video: ABC News, June 17, 2020, Youtube

New York still struggles…because of people ignore distancing measures…

Video: ABC News, June 17, 2020, Youtube

And Simon Whistler is leaving VisualPolitik EN, … Europe’s coronavirus ….

Video: VisualPolitik EN, June 18, 2020, Youtube

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