CoronaVirus: South Korea’s Solution

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday March 25, 2020

*Featured: South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In weighs in the disease spread world wide… Arirang News, March 25, 2020, Youtube

South Korean government showed their leadership skills by providing excellent services to their citizens, first by preventive measures of masks and technology to track the disease. They use research universities and research institutes to solve the spread of the disease. President Moon Jae-in said his administration is using innovative testing strategies including patience tracing, testing and isolation to stem the spread.

Video: ABC News, March 24, 2020, Youtube

Korea Now…

Video: Korea Now, March 16, 2020, Youtube

In school its as solidly pragmatic as possible…

Video: KBS World, March March 25, 2020, Youtube

With calm heads

Video: KBS World, March 24, 2020, Youtube

South Korea on the ball…

Video: Soth China Morning Post, March 19, 2020, Youtube

Strict social distancing…

Video: KBS World, March 24, 2020, Youtube

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