CoronaVirus: The World On A Sick Leave, Bernie Bows Out

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Yorbing Staff Thursday April 9, 2020

*Featured: Legit TV, Nigeria, April 8, 2020, Youtube

Coronavirus still ravaging world’s economy, while reporters become hysterical about the virus grinding down economic activities to a halt, of course its a trending pandemic and the virus spread need to be solved.

The world is on a sick-leave of some sort and have to be treated medically. One by focusing on the health insurance and medical fields, the cleanliness of the environment which is too messed up. The economic activities are too messy and destructive.

Care for the environment must come first, not ‘economic down turns’.

Crap analysis: People are dead-set on their destructive ways and ‘jobs’ that they dont see how they aid and abet the destruction of the environment. Its been warned many times to stop the ruinous economic activities, but up to no heed.

Video: Al Jazeera English, April 6, 2020, Youtube

The British media wont change, the leading progenitor of greedy politics, The Economist, wont change, nor their cheer-leading antics towards the same economic activities that bring deadly consequences to these activities to bear.

Video: The Economist, April 7, 2020, Youtube

The Economist will forever wants the exclusivity of advantage to continue, the ever the greedy one, when it gets too much, or becomes too obvious, shifts attention to the less advantage and fawns over they “ever so poor, ne’er -do-well- dirty African countries, then back to its greedy wants in Europe’s lucrative trades with Asian economic ‘Tigers’…

Stop wrecking the environment.

Video: The Sun, April 8, 2020, Youtube

The same Europeans’ push and howl for good living ‘standards all over the globe while the earth cannot sustain such activities until the bitter end. When we talk to these stiff-upper-lippers, they tend to rudily snatch ‘some privilege’ away from you to stress the point that their economic activities brings prestige, wealth, money, good things etc…ah well. Meh.

Bernie Sanders bows out?…The Hill…

Video: The Hill, April 8, 2020, Youtube

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah…

Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, April 8, 2020, Youtube


Video: Channels Television, April 2, 2020, Youtube

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