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    CoronaVirus: TimeLine Tallys, African Countries To Restrict Cross Border Travels


    Apr 20, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Monday April 20, 2020

    *Featured: Stated Clearly, Canada, Feb 27, 2020, Youtube [This info is in case a relevant peoples missed that particular information]. Isabel Cofie PhD.

    Ghana must utilize university-based medical center to fight the disease and open access to quality health services throughout the country. Ghana is the trending highest country in west Africa to have the coronavirus case. It might spike as feared. The Akufo Addo Admin tried to ease the lockdown restrictions but he doesnt have the scientific evidentiary and expertise to ease restriction on his own. Politicians are so damn stupid.

    Pangolins are used for food, rituals...Bats are eaten by some people….

    Traditional thinking of Europe towards Africa’s disease, for example, Ebola did not travel to Europe, so Europeans were not infected with Ebola cases at all. Bill Gate and some prominent Europeans think coronavirus must kill Africans because of their unhygienic living. There’s a basic misunderstanding of the virus’ spread. The coronavirus came into Africa through traveling Europeans into Africa but Ebola was restricted by Europeans of Africans. But the virus is from Asia, carried through the European continent. Europe’s bias towards the poor and Africa will make it to spread it towards Africa. Africa must bar all Asians and Europeans, including their allies from entering Africa and through travels to contain the spread. Its a cold, upper hemisphere disease and must find out where it comes from, pretty fast. There’s a hub of Chinese immigrants into New York through Made-In-China Silk-Trade Route policy, that hub must be investigated to find the carriers of the virus to New York and Elizabeth harbors and entry points.


    A Caution to avert disaster…

    Video: TRT World,

    TRT World numbers of increasing cases worldwide by week…Please check previous timeline on their Youtube Channel.

    Video: TRT World, March 29, 2020, Youtube

    Africa countries must be most aggressive towards international carriers from infected countries, from UK, Italy, Spain, US, China, Japan, Turkey etc…Just like how Ebola was restricted, to prevent lose of life.

    Ghana, for example, must use university-based medical research centers, that must be opened to the general public.

    Video: 9News, Jan 22, 2020, Youtube

    Just as 9News indicates above, the disease can be contained through simple measures so far as a cure for the new strain is mitigated.

    The virus spread through various travel means…by air, seas, roads, people to people…

    The featured video explains some dynamics of mutations of species above. Its an hour long but worth listening to the explanations, major points explained by Canadian scientists, Jon Perry of Stated Clearly & Tim Blais of Acapella Science

    -The coronavirus can also float in the air when an infected person coughs…

    -Its an evolved form…

    Video: Stated Clearly, March 24, 2020, Youtube

    Please take what you might get from the above. Thanks dudes.

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