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    CoronaVirus: UK, Russia Cracks Under Stiff Veneer, Asymptomatic Can Spread


    Apr 3, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Friday April 3, 2020

    *Featured: CNA, Singapore, March 30, 2020, Youtube

    And….Russia typically hides bad news…

    Video: ABC News, April 2, 2020, Youtube

    UK always point laughing fingers at other nations, I means as always protective of its own assets, at the detriment and bitterness of others…They are also quick to find faults in other peoples and neglect their own, as their own populations suffer severe needs…poverty is deep and strong in English counties yet the elite still find fault in far-flung countries, why?

    BBC News..

    Video: BBC News, April 2, 2020, Youtube

    UK is macabre. Ridiculous. Racism thrive so its difficult to sympathize with UK.

    Video: BBC News,

    UK’s need to continue with ‘imperialism’ and glorious rule causes it to be a monster in treating other shoddily, I’m not saying they are down so I should say negative things about UK but the numbers are a little bit too squeezed for comfort as they are mainly the key beneficiaries to global trade systems. They push, hack and live it more than even the United States. They did Brexit, aid and abet global trades with China. The dishonesty is historical where they emptied out of their countries to go pitch in Asia to do trades and discomforted nations.

    Video: CNN, April 2, 2020, Youtube

    Considering population density in California and NY combined and the trade routes of Asia, the main careers of the disease, caused death tolls to rise. Asians flooded these areas, including coming through south Americas to live in these cities.

    Video: SABC Digital News, March 19, 2020, Youtube

    Another greed trail is Kenya’s government, Kenyatta, the greediest of all. The most aggressive cities might have gotten the highest infection rate like HIV from South Africa to the world.

    While stubborn marketeers in Accra Ghana are prevented from getting into their germ-infested filthy markets…

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