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    Crap Shot


    Dec 11, 2018
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    Its very convenient to be an ‘Israeli Jew in Jerusalem’ and still kill people innocently. Its not the world that ‘hated European Jews’, you whites are too wise for your own good. Today’s Jews are mostly of European descent. Give me a crap shot and a break.

    Its just too convenient to fire our important persons and leave racists in place, especially when they are way too few to even fire. Count the number of African Americans on air at CNN – they are the biggest blond wig hypocrites, ever. Dont work for Fox or CNN, they are the same.Its the same white-dominated media, acceptable only to those deemed attractive to be on tv. The real journalists with not so cool looks cannot be tv journalists or make a decent living as one.

    CNN is almost the same as PBS Newshours, a nightmarish viewage, a sorry excuse of modernism. Its a worrisome issue to live as a neighbor with folks. What a bitter experience.

    Some freeloaders posing as ‘modern Israelis’ of old go to that land and live as Israelis with no proof at all and come up with terrific excuses to ruin the name of the Lord. If modern Israelis is going to be backed by billionaires in Europe like Rothschilds etc their cause is already lost before it began. We dont accept them.


    TYT: Jimmy Dore Indicates a clear pattern of ethnicity and purge of a race in Palestine in the Middle East corner, on the Mediterranean. A bitter struggle with humanity and religionists that Arabs have show exceptional restraint.  Its just like Ang San Su Kyi purging the Rohingas out of Burma.

    For so me strange stupid reason these so called religionists do not want to advance in rule of Mosaic laws. Even Asians who do not profess overtly religions are the most advance nations ion earth! These ragtag people dwelling in Israel are using religion to convince us that they are truly Israelis on earth and must be indulged, to do what is purgings, killings, tribal warfare and plain stupidity in religious settings. What! Are we stupid? Two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Why shouldn’t thou shalt not kill or covet by Mosaic law be ineffective in Israeli religionists’ settings?

    ‘Israelis’ are said to be deliberately keeping medicines from Palestinians who desperately need the medicines. When it comes to reason, CNN’s Jake Tapper is out the window. What a pretender!

    Lamont Hill will not go hungry or tired of doing great. Israel is a prayer place, its not for ragtag religionists to go claim the place as their own to do evil, just like pigs sacrifice on your Maccabbees account of Greeks and Roman/Italians sacrileges. Consistent isn’t it?

    See Palestinians who are legibly sane, as excellent people, with human feelings, just like the horde in Israeli towns. Sorry excuse.

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