Cultivating A Solid China-West African Trade -Networks 2019

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Yorbing Staff Monday March 18, 2019

Currencies between Asia markets and west African markets must liberalize to suit modern trade networks. The Dollar has become a middle-man’s hell for west Africans currencies and have not been able to perform well in the world markets.

Jance Chartae’s Walk Through LA Fashion District guide:

Westerners tend to block trades and information networks to themselves only, for their benefit. That wall creates barriers to trade between north America and west Africa. China fashion trade network directly to west Africa might be expensive, especially shipping.

The pricing of these items should be sufficient to fit west African currency markets, if its not too high. Of course if Asian fashion directly set up wholesale hub in west African markets, then the trade barriers might fall.

This guy killed it and that is why the U.S. market is saturated because goods and services to and from west Africa to China markets does not flow directly. Its has made west Africa undesirable to trade from. The distance between west Africa and China is great so did the European traders who navigated by sea and road to get to Asian markets. How do west Africans do it? Its a painfully slow process.


Europeans benefit their trade network today:

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Hope the China-westAfrica trade problem is solved quickly to lessen the distance between them for a win-win situation.

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