Desk Dance: Eating Fufu For Our Ravaged Souls

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Yorbing Staff Thursday June 11, 2020

*Featured: OsoCityNation, April 21, 2020, Youtube

Exercise mental health…boot, cut, boot, cut, boot, cut…

Video: Adrian Noble, May 29, 2020, Youtube


Video: OsoCityNation, May 24, 2020, Youtube

Some wave of the arm…

Bop your head as you work that covid-unemployment laptop…

Video: OsoCityNation, May 12, 2020, Youtube

UK Afro beat…

Video: OsoCityNation, May 26, 2020, Youtube

You goin die…dig it, dig it….

Video: OsoCityNation, May 5, 2020, Youtube

And hot Afro…

Arm dance flows…

Video: OsoCityNation, Aug 27, 2019, Youtube

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