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    Desk Dance: La french


    Oct 13, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff Sunday October 13, 2019

    *Featured: Toofan, ‘Affairage’, By Toofan, July 13, 2018, YouTube.

    Below is Constance, ‘JePense A Toi’:

    Video: Your Zouk TV, March 16, 2013, YouTube

    Below is a great one for the Lord by Dena Mwana Feat. El Georges, ‘Emmanuel’:

    Video: Dena Mwana, Dec 11, 2016, Youtube

    Below is J. Martins Feat. Ferre Gola, ‘Ekelebe’:

    Video: J. Martins, Sept 22, 2019, Youtube

    And Josey, ‘Jour J-O’…

    Video: Josey, July 20, 2018, YouTube

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