Desk Dance Special Christmas Songs, Merry Christmas πŸŽ„

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Yorbing Staff Tuesday December 24, 2019.

*Featured: Spark, Dec 17, 2014, Youtube

Daystar Carol…Nigerian style, ‘Ding Dong Ding’…

Video: GISTUBE TV, Dec 11, 2019, Youtube

To Christ The King…”A King Is Born”,

Video: PhourTheFunOvit, Nov 22, 2014, Youtube

Gorgeousness of Christ and His Saints…

Video: The Tabernacle Choir At Temple Square, Dec 22, 2012, Youtube

Nigeria-style…by Daystar Carol, ‘E Lu Agogo’…

Video: GISTUBE TV, Dec 11, 2019, Youtube

And some nasties 🀣… Christopher Martin, ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ‘…

Video: Reggaeville, Dec 9, 2016, Youtube

And a cool jazz to finish it off….Merry Christmas everybody!

Video: Dr. SaxLove, Dec 3, 2019, Youtube

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