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    Drama! Nana Konadu Denies Rawlings’ Other Children Access

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    Yorbing Staff Wednesday, January 27, 2021. *Featured: GhanaWeb TV, Jan 27, 2021, Youtube.

    First, Ghana Nurses protest at the funeral…

    Video: GhanaWeb TV, Jan 27, 2021, Youtube

    Rawlings in a state burial…below…

    Video: TrendsGh, Jan 27, 2021, Youtube

    Irate first child of Rawlings cusses at Nana Konadu’s tight reign over Rawlings’ state…

    Even though Nana Konadu knew the affairs of Rawlings before she met him, she still denied the first daughter access. It smacked of bitter rivalry which Nana Konadu is known for – the classic bitch ass Black Ashanti queen. Ghana society absolutely loathes rivalry and fights to keep tight control over the man, especially if they are of merit. Unfortunately, Nana Konadu fell victim to such avariciousness and displayed it, at a funeral, with her precious chosen, legitimate children. Classic. I love dramas. 😘

    As the daughter, mad with sorrow barges in. Video: Courtesy Of Pulse Ghana, Jan 26, 2021, Youtube.

    In Ghana *local dialect…about Abigail Rawlings…Check below story lines for interview with Abigail Rawlings [in Ghana ***Local Language].

    Video: Courtesy Of Amazing TV, Jan 26, 2021, Youtube

    With Camerounian Natalie Yamb and Rawlings’ son, Malik Stephane below…

    Video: Courtesy Of Winters TV, Nov 14, 2020, Youtube

    Another daughter Kate pops up…

    Rawlings daughters Abigail and Kate. Image: One Ghana TV, Jan 26, 2021, Youtube

    Second wife of Rawlings [or legit?] Nana Konadu weeps strategically infront of the camera…

    Video: Courtesy Of SVTV Africa, Jan 24, 2021, Youtube

    Crowded Black Star Square for the memorial of Rawlings…

    Video: GhanaWeb TV, Jan 27, 2021, Youtube

    More to come —

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