Elaine Chao Wife Of Mitch McConnell And Deep Corruption

Yorbing Staff June 3, 2019

*Featured Image: MiddleBororeviewetal.com.

The Young Turks, June 2, 2019:

Interestingly Mitch McConnell stands coyly by while Chao’s father held swearing ceremony bible.

Image: The Daily Kos

See Daily Kos full story here. and their connection to Jiang Zemin, former President of China. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with an old system when it comes to greed and ruinous trade system that exacerbates poverty in the western hemisphere for the middle and lower income classes.

These have pushed and shoved for better deals for themselves and family and left the masses gasping for breathe. Elaine Chao’s father, James Chao, went to school with Jiang Zemin and in which Chao conveniently joined the American Heritage Foundation in 1996. Her mother, Ruth Mulan Chu’s family operates a shipping empire in Hong Kong and involved in secretive offshore havens.

All these trades wars are nothing but smug wars in each other’s mutual greed-fest.

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