• Fri. May 27th, 2022
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    Yorbing Staff Wednesday, January 20, 2021. *Featured: Yorbing News Media, Jan 20, 2021, Youtube.

    Below is a piece of advice on sourcing correctly on Alibaba for credible suppliers…GoodLife said without trust and verified suppliers’ watchdogs, Alibaba would have never gained credibility in world dominance … Now not anybody will signup on Alibaba to put the real people in danger, in order not to be vulnerable to scammers.

    Video: GoodLife Warrior, Aug 1, 2020, Youtube

    Take this precious advice on the difference between Alibaba and US Based Vendors…

    Video: Asia LaShelle, Dec 11, 2020, Youtube

    Both US-Based Vendors, suppliers, and buyers must have certificates, sales tax certificates, permits, proof of wholesale invoices, stores, or websites. If your business has weaknesses like credibility, put your foot down and clampdown on that particular problem hard.

    Don’t rush because your competitors have 10-100 years of experience in the field and have gained the experience of doing business in scam-infested markets. So beware and do the right thing all the time.

    Development of your business is like steps upward, each step up higher, but more technical. Doors will not open automatically for your business, with your pragmatic style. Security companies are hired to verify your company’s credibility, so you keep your nose clean. Now some t-shirt styles to keep you motivated…

    Video: Intuitive Design, Nov 9, 2020, Yiutube

    More to come —

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