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    Entrepreneur: Get Apparel Line Into Retail Stores


    Dec 4, 2018
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    Yorbing Business Staff

    Apparel World

    1. There have to be retail stores that specializes in taking new designers into the lines with high traffic
    2. Beware that writers are very very negative about new entrant’s reception into the clothes industry, dont be fazed.
    3. Take your brand to the stores and show them
    4. Dont beg them but there’s not much support out there and it can be pretty frustrating.
    5. Google or ask about retail buyers
    6. Show your samples, for quality and fit
    7. Find other means of sales, even if its sales online or other countries, try developing countries. Find stores in other countries, visit that country but also consider the currency versus the dollar or whatever money you trade in and then compare the cost of production and shipping.
    8. Consider Consignment shops for children’s clothes or adults, in a high traffic areas.
    9. Talk to regional sales representatives at major chain stores, if you are confident and you perceive there wont be bias, consider distributors
    10. Check out distributors to get an idea as to how sell your brand in your local vicinity and just keep trying till you succeed.

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