• Fri. May 27th, 2022
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    Yorbing Staff Monday, December 21, 2020. *Featured: Yorbing News Media, Dec 17, 2020, Youtube.

    Find your own unique style to hawk your wares on Youtube and showcase on Instagram, if you can … however you must watch how you count wads of cash when you dont own a counting machine yet.

    Or down the street for a classic brick and mortar store preparation for your unique ideas …

    Video: Yorbing News Media, Dec 14, 2020, Youtube

    An ideological look at Singapore …

    Video: CNA, Dec 9, 2020, Youtube

    Someone quits a central bank job to migrate to Germany for startup…?

    Video: Tiewul Monica, Nov 29, 2020, Youtube

    Ankara clothier D’Iyanu has been trending online successfully for a while … they are focused on constant growth and development. D’Iyanu hints that their mass market strategy is to sew-order from China or Bangladesh factory, where their style is sewn in fast delivery mode to their warehouses for delivery to their customers.

    Video: D’IYANU, Aug 8, 2019, Youtube

    Singapore seem to get it rolling as an example to business startups …

    Just keep trying – – -to be continued – —

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