Entrepreneur Practicals: Selling Your Product

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Yorbing Staff Thursday January 9, 2020

*Featured: Dan Lok talks about skilled mindsets to make a successful sales and profits for sustainable business, Feb 14, 2019, Youtube.

Dan Lok talks intuitively about something startup entrepreneurs ignores consistently and that is how to sell your products or items to consumers…

Video: Dan Lok, June 13, 2018, Youtube

Cost overrun by expenses plus pricing items in a local currency…An excellent question, ‘is 10k within your budget’?

Video: Dan Lok, Oct 29, 2018, Youtube

How to sell that pesky item of yours…

Video: Dan Lok, Sept 26, 2018, Youtube

Industries to make millions…

Video:Dan Lok, Nov 5, 2019, Youtube

Rent or buy or in between…

Video: Dan Lok, Aug 26, 2018, Youtube

It takes Ames time for a business to take off, generate income or a profit …rather have metal toughness to endure pain…

Video: Dan Lok, May 28, 2019, Youtube

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