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    Yorbing Staff Tuesday October 15, 2019

    *Featured: BoboM, ‘DIY Home Studio: How To Photograph Yourself Tutorial’, June 24, 2018, Youtube.

    Check out some of her videos for your inspiration…

    Below is Bobo’s take on self portrait..

    Video: Bono M, Feb 27, 2018, Youtube

    And for sharp clear photos for instagram, Teaira Walker suggests…

    Video: Teaira Walker, April 22, 2019, Youtube

    And some classic examples on how on how to garner support for social media following…

    Video: Bono M, Dec 16, 2017, Youtube

    Get many backdrops for your setups…

    Video: Bobo M, Sept 15, 2018, Youtube

    And then a theme you can work with by Ian Hippolytus…

    Video: Ian Hippolyte, Nov 20, 2017, Youtube

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