Entrepreneurship: Recession And Scarcity Of Money

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Yorbing Staff Monday November 4, 2019

*Featured: Scaling Retail, Sept 2, 2019, Youtube

Nigerian Adekunle Gold…on hustling for money when its tight to get it…Money is very addictive, especially when you need it constantly. It’s enslaving and devoid you of having a happy lifestyle. It’s pretty humiliating when you have dignity. Money can humble you, to an embarrassing pulp.

Bankers, central banks and government and banking has killed us. Now its government itself that is the money maker, not us. A lying ‘economic predictions’ to destroy aspirations and render them crippled for time upon time.

What do you do and where do you go? Migrate? Where? The Lord will answer when the crow feedeth.

Why on earth do we ask the Lord for money? When governments prints them? Say, ‘Our Father, grant me life abundant, to see your blessings upon my life, though it may seem difficult, You are the Apple of my life. Help me to achieve my goals and dreams in life and never fail to grant me Your life’s resources to thrive n earth, in Jesus Mighty Name I pray, Amen.

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