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    Erdogan Dithered and Lost in Khashoggi Case


    Oct 30, 2018
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    Erdogan respects religionists more than justice. Erdogan want the murderer to investigate himself. If they pardon the prince or let him go free, the Islamic kingdom will suffer. These religionists take religion as an advantage for self advancement and gain.

    Not allowing for a decisive crackdown of a gruesome murder by Saudi hit team and chief murderer, their crown prince causes more journalists and social media bloggers to be in danger. It emboldens them to intimidate more.

    Erdogan and the Turkish government dithered and it showed severe weakness in their governance and security of the country as a whole. They placed the Saudi royal family on a high pedestal, probably due to money and religion (Islamics and Mecca as a holy grail protectorates) and has refused to help grieving world deal with injustices and to correct a heinous crime. And of course Trump as a representative of the U.S. government head has muddied up justices round the world.

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    Erdogan and his kind want to soften the blow of reprisal by refusing to crack down severely on crime against humanity and against the family of Jamal Khashoggi. Due to the refusal to prosecute quickly more journalists and activists might lose their lives.

    Erdogan thinks religion and religious representatives in the form of holy people amounts to innocence and unrighteousness, even if they are not the least qualified to be it. Erdogan showed weakness by stating Saudis Hit Team and the Consular General has diplomatic immunity. What? Not with this type of crime. The U.S. had a bomb scare on several politicians lives and within 24 hours and the guy is in jail. The Jewish synagogue shooter in Pittsburgh was taken down within 12 hours and facing death. American is the most Christianized nation, who are you Erdogan? Shame! Erdogan as a dictator foiled the attempt for justice and is himself guilty of such crime against others in his country.

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