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    Europe Honors Their Founding Father, Charlemagne


    Jan 24, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 24, 2019

    Europe’s Regional Affairs: This is a Peace treaty between two countries that fought each other. The two lends meaning to traditionalism to cement the peace treaty and any undercurrent that might threaten that peace. Europe successful cements the deals between them without much intervention.

    The scenario might be similar to the Indian Pakistan border disagreements.

    India and Pakistan military spar each other

    The difference is that India Pakistan issue is more contemporary than Europe’s. None seem to savor any land ceded to the other, neither the medievalists nor the contemporary. A typical example is the Brexit Irish Britain border issues. Europe land issues needs international intervention to help them ease the tensions that comes up. At some point Europe should recognize that and seek help from the international community. Its more of a regional affair with a heavy dose of traditionalism. They need the prudent wisdom of the Asantes Akwamus to help them ease the tension.

    Asante and Akwamu symbolism -rivals for life?

    Due to the inability to solve the problem it has grown into regionalism. From their looks each does not want to concede. Why, is that why German soldiers are hiding in Namibia desert? If this war creates refugees for the two countries, I’m not surprised. They are just masking a very huge problem between them. Hence Europe ‘countries’ tend to whip each other to a frenzy, and no one understands why.

    Under what language do they write these agreements? Both in their local languages? Interesting.

    They just need a third party of a traditionalistic intervention, that’s all. First recognize the local chiefs in the area, not international audience. Wear traditional garbs to differentiate between the, say, tribes. And have a ceremony. Not an advance display of workmanships. That action is disagreeable. Be humble and kiss each other with brotherly kiss. Try and avoid contemporaries, then you will shoot at each other.

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