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    European Affairs: France And Italy


    Jan 22, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 22, 2019

    Italy says the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe..’are the impoverished African nations, principally because of colonial policies. People leave Africa in part because some European countries led by France have never stopped being colonizers so Brussels should sanction France. Needless to say that Africa as the biggest continent laying just next to the Mediterranean sea and Africans who have rights can to access the Mediterranean for their travels. There’s nothing wrong with Africans crossing their part of the sea. What part of the world forbids Africans from enjoying the Mediterranean sea? Is the sea formulated for European migrants to navigate on it only?

    The fact that Africa is the biggest continent doesn’t seem to sink into the coconut heads of these troublemakers. They’d rather look down to feel powerful, to mask real intimidated feelings. Aren’t they afraid of those nasty-eyed Ancient Kemites?

    Indeed, the French rudely attack the CFA currency countries and holds them captive by their Treasury, printing the CFA for Francophone countries causing a huge deficit and inflation. France’s debt is financed by the annual $500Billion that those countries pay into the French Treasury.

    Many Africans did not know what was going on.

    Why does Europeans need Africa to feel needed on the world stage is beyond me.

    They attack Africans incessantly everywhere, in Africa, Australia, Canada, America. So much so that Africans are the ‘most impoverished people’ on earth, irrespective of the fact that they needn’t ‘develop into garish fruitcake castles’ in order to feel superior, the continent inhabits the most important wild world and must live thus.

    Why is that white strategically snap up cold tundra countries to dwell? Its aint necessary. Learn to live in love.

    O by the way, Europeans are the most migrating groups of all in the world. Just look at the statistics worldwide and the second most populous groups on earth next to Asians. So dont think Africa is the problem. You are.

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