European Affairs: Xi Jinping Visits Macron Who In Turn Invites Germany

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Yorbing Staff Tuesday March 26, 2019


France 24:

European dug a great pit and Africa fell in it. Now they are worried China is doing the same thing to them. See who is feeling slighted and miffed.

And show off their Might to Xi Jinping:.

NPR All Things Considered By Eleanor Beardsley, March 26, 2019

Chinese President Xi Jinping met the leaders of France, Germany and the European Union in Paris on Tuesday. The Europeans hope a united approach will give them a stronger position in trade talks with Beijing

France 24 Opinion:

France as EU ally tries very hard for their raison d’etre. Overbearingly bearing, sumptuous meals feasts of queens and anabellas, I mean, the one the African leaders fell for. Highbrow pomposity, imperiousness and dismissive. Because of this functioning system Trump calls some African countries shitholes.

Quivering to impress and to strike awe into visitors, when its so rude and inappropriate. Because of this imperiousness Africa and other races, particularly Blacks worldwide has suffered untold hardships, from sea to oceans, round the world. Just check the maps.

They see enemies in every person and are unrequited.

Their architecture is a special draw to the unsuspecting eye, garish, imposing and Romanisque. A daring replication of Christ’s demise and defeat of west Europe’s power; a daring of queens on earth and heaven.

A desperate need to be adored and admired for its glorious pasts and present.

Well, they certainly have impish children that gnaws at their feet for attention-a cruel taskmaster.

If one is not a victim, it can be pretty entertaining.

Its pays to have nice neighbors and neighbors do not need fences to be neighbors. France and Germany can simply be themselves without walls of friendship.

Unless Africa sees Europe as what its really is, medieval kingdom, it will never recover from its own stupor.

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