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    European Supremacists In Politics


    Nov 24, 2018
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    These goons seem to forget trade networks that they depend on for their way of comfortable lifestyle. Who should hew and saw the trees for their panneled boudoirs. They do not actually regret their bloody warmongering culture. The way of life of ‘christian’ is actually Middle Eastern and African, not northern European. Europeans invaded northeastern Africa aka Egypto-Israel-Syria areas for their spiritual maturation, not the other way round. Europeans did not invent Christianity -Middle East did. We know who exactly Christianity emanated from, Middle Eastern Israeli-Africans. Egypt Sinai is African territories not far away western Europeans who invades a place and force to make it their own, for what reason, we still do not know.

    Europeans do not have “values” as Filip Dewinters posits. Values in his mind is invasion and killings of other races on earth and he calls it strength, values. Islam is not a political ideology. Islam is a religion of sort just like your Caesers and Romanish imperialists. Whites like Dewinters will cause a race war. If these Europeans are so righteous about their place then they should stay in Europe of course. They shouldn’t migrate or travel outside Europe or even live in northern Africa as religious adherents. They should be in fortress western Europe and foster there.

    If that Bitch ever says anything again, I’m gonna wonk her. She said they are fighting for their identity and borders – so basically Europe should be free of ‘foreigners’ but they as Europeans are free to invade and occupy countries as their “colonies”.

    Pretty Blond Supremacist Giorgia and Old Hag Supremacist Steve Bannon. They are mostly blond and pretty faced for legitimacy and desires for their old empires. You are Nazi, you are Nazi. Be proud of that.

    Europeans are highly intolerant of theirs yet stay and foiter on other nations for their identities, take Namibia. South Africa. North Africa. America. Asia. Australia.
    Their character makes them domineering and pushy towards others. They have to be at the forefront, in the limelight, controversial and threatening. “If you dont give me what I want, I will destroy you”.
    Well they lack focus. Its a waste of time. Bye.


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