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    European’s G7 Meeting In France


    Aug 27, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff Tuesday August 27, 2019

    *Featured: By Caricatures.ie, Sept 4, 2017.

    Article: Vanity Fair, By Kenzie Bryant, ‘Melania Trump Fell Into The Justin Trudeau Photo Trap‘, Aug 26, 2019

    …Ah, wait. One more thing. There was this photo of the first lady greeting Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau:

    She looks smitten, no? Like she’s going to land a big kiss on his Canadian lips? Of course she was probably caught in the moment doing the customary two-cheek smack-a-roo that’s customary when in Europe. But, dunno, she looks like she’s relishing her time with Trudeau, like her step-daughter looked like she was relishing her time with Trudeau. Or as many people said on Twitter, “Get you someone that looks at you the way Ivanka Trump looks at Justin Trudeau.”

    And like the president looked like he relished his time with Trudeau, though we know he certainly did not, or as another Twitter user said, “No one is safe from PM Steal Yo Girl!” Check the whole story at Vanity Fair.com.

    Iranians pay visit to Europe’s G7 MeetingCGTN America:

    Video: CGTN America, Aug 25, 2019, Youtube.

    And rich Bloomberg Politics‘s views…

    Video: Bloomberg Politics, Aug 26, 2019, Youtube.

    EuroNews In English:

    Video: EuroNews English, Aug 24, 2019, Youtube.

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