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    Jan 10, 2019
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    If the two anchors do not know where their ancestors come from to be conversant with Congo’s politics then they should not be “Black American” journalists and not know about western African countries.

    First the country Congo is as large as the whole of west Europe and very important to today’s politics.

    Just look at Black journalists in uppity New York frowning at Africans. And a (horror) blond reporting from Congo. Break bad habit and visit Africa. Its the largest continent on earth and closest to southern America by just 9,400 miles from each other. Dont be ridiculous. Come home a little bit. VISIT.

    A Blond reporting from south Africa? Why dont the News Anchors VISIT Kinshasa?

    Inconvenient truth.

    The reporting style of these New York news stations are ridiculous. Western Africa is a relative, not even a distant one. No wonder you call African Americans ‘Black’. What is that? Break that habit and move an African American News desk to a west African country. Now donate to my site for that idea, I’m suffering.

    They have the O so sophisticated News systems so they report at Africa, that Africa.

    No one is a polarized as whites in south Africa where she is reporting from.

    And then there’s the Arab view, Al Jazeera. Arabs are the biggest pretenders. Reporting from Lorndon (pronunciation mine).

    West Africa is yet to have a CGTN type of news media for me to work with or even have an anchored desk. Its a dream of mine to do just that and we are working towards that. Meanwhile south Africa SABC news, the real one with a little sympathy to Congo’s struggles:

    We need a Global Diasporan News Desk in our area to support Africa. Join me.

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