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    Feb 15, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, Friday February 15, 2019

    A Classic American Clothes Designer’s Nightmare

    A caution to those prospecting to go into this business have to watch out for space. A business must get a classic old brick and mortar building to make it a success otherwise how are you to sell the items? Online? Give me a break. Ordering clothes online itself is self defeating especially if you sew your own clothes line, then you become Zenana selling to retailers at a low price. Not the other way round.

    Try and locate upcoming fashion designers and sewers in the neighborhood first, before going to an established mass market clothes factories in Asia. Its supports the local economy and offsets shocks of unemployment. This system shifts manufacturing abroad to Asia and leaves fashion manufactures and local designers unsupported. This strategy is a wrong focus of the Chinese and greedy White Americans who do business with Asia and Asian communities in America. The classic “Crazy Rich Asians”.

    Do not support Alibaba because it kills local manufacturers and does not improve jobs or the economy. Jobs during recession are not able to come back hence the job churning bureau figures are coned-artist’s nightmare. In other words, they are making the numbers up to mask dismal failings in the U.S. economy. The market will end up with tons of inventories from China with no money to buy them because people so not have the money to spend, deepening recession.

    Each one of us has special skills or ability to make an item different even if its the same goal.

    U.S. schools are non-performing because it lacks practicals at the end of a grad’s training. Remember school is training for a skill or a talent.

    I wouldn’t advise people to import clothes from Asia because its rather enriches the Asians and give them jobs, all the time. Except the items are specialized or specific.

    Visit LA Fashion District:

    And Fashiongo.net

    Barcodes: Get some on line.

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