Fashion: Sew Jacket, Hair Bonnet, Right Face Mask

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday April 29, 2020

*Featured: AranMade, April 21, 2020, Youtube

Face masks using filtration materials to boost protection as backups…Get the understanding of the materials in question first.

Video: KSAT 12, April 15, 2020, Youtube

Look at the strategy for a better more fitting and understandable mask before production…

Video: University Health System, April 17, 2020, Youtube

Another race to the bottom below, would you kill yourself trying to get these materials? Be sensible and not an overkill with extra costs to enrich your already-well-established ‘monopolist’. Or stay out, dont be tempted.

Video: ProperFit Clothing Co, April 8, 2020, Youtube

And use this style instead?

Video: Crafty Daily, April 25, 2020, Youtube

Or a simple instruction…

Video: SimpleDIYs, April 23, 2020, Youtube

Inspiration…Fendi Spring Summer 2019 by FF Channel…

Video: FF Channel April 16, 2020, Youtube

Dami Dimension…

Video: Dami Dimension, April 1, 2020, Youtube

The Draft tutorial…

Video: Dami Dimension, March 13, 2020, Youtube

The first Draft…

Video: Dami Dimension, Oct 11, 2019, Youtube

Hair Bonnet…

Video: Mup Means, July 24, 2019, Youtube

Or some reversible…

Video: Awura’s World, March 12, 2019, Youtube

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