Fashion: Shoe Trend 2021/2022…Bruno Mars ‘Leave The Door Open’…

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Yorbing Staff Saturday, April 3. 2021. *Featured: Passion For Fashion, March 22, 2021, Youtube.

Video: Bruno Mars, March 5, 2021, Youtube

Black Power…💋

Video: Fashion Feed, March 25, 2021, Youtube

Creating harmony…

Video: Chocheng, March 28, 2021, Youtube

A racy Shmurda with a fashion statement….

Video: Bella Shmurda, March 11, 2021, Youtube

Arab Fashion Week Summer 2021…

Video: Fashion Feed April 2, 2021, Youtube

Old Ciara (4 months old 😜)…

Video: Ciara, Dec 18, 2020, Youtube


Video: Passion For Fashion, March 31, 2021, Youtube


Video: Passion For Fashion, March 27, 2021, Youtube

More to come—

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