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    Fight For European Identity in Foreign Lands


    Nov 2, 2018
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    It is Europeans who have invaded other peoples lands and refused to give it back.

    A transposition of Europe into another land, there’s more to the meaning of the land than meet the eye, except when we are reminded of other lands in Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Asia and some part of Europe itself, as a seized land, it becomes nifty at best. Its just lack of responsibility and grudge of a shameful kind, considering Aboriginals who cry every day for their lives lost and the same group of British harangue about ‘slavery’ and their relationship with African descendents in southern America.
    The so-called Lee family is just like a famous Nazi officer’s family, caught up in a cause that triggers passionless ruins and controversy.

    The story is an enlongated saga of history like in Namibia where Germans and Boers (same Germanics called Deutch or Dutch) seize land by force and they do not know the reason why.
    Behind the so-called southern white civility if the veneer of the power structure that dominates American political landscape – a strange stubborn will to survive and cause trouble for the despised other.

    A shameful feat but glorious and engaging in the other, how true?
    According to Redfish Documentary, Israelis has ties to south Africa Apartheid government (Germanics?) A contested interests that clash violently.
    Its just one of the troubled complexities of life. One refusing to let go, the other imperiously demanding reprieve.
    The other, is the ever fearfully pained native Americans I wonder the views about a native.
    here’s what a native’s blog shows:

    Its sad that they do not have a voice or voting power.

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