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    Financial Times Lies About Brexit


    Dec 11, 2018
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    1. whites are afraid they will be poor if they ever let other nationals breath free – their grip on power is legendary.
    2. Individualism is a taboo, all must look similar – certainly no thinking of sort.
    3. Cannot seem to go straight to the point of what exactly is the reason Brits want to butt out of a market system, perhaps they want too much ‘influence’ and power over others.
    4. Please dont waste my time with definitions.
    5. The question, “Will Britain (as a country or as a ‘union already’) end up worse off than staying in the E.U.”? is stupid. Its a market not an amalgamation of imperialists empires. The speaker’s reason is emotionally and unmerited irrationality -figures does not back up the argument. Its illiterate’s reasoning.
    6. Banks prints money.  Its a lie what this argument stands for. Again stop wasting my time. The argument has to be between the central banks as wholesalers of money and other currencies, not up to the public to think for institutions, especially when they cover up their activities.
    7. No one is poorer except you mean-fisted Brits.
    8. Of course get richer at the back of slaves and Chinese and other Asian markets’ items. Maybe your sheep in your fields might give you wealth. Perhaps exchange them for Indian teas. Gor by grace you are saved…be grateful. Whites should be aware that they are not alone in the marketplace. Others essentially play a role and that might be your decline.

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