Fox News Gets Low With CGTN Liu Xin

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Yorbing Staff Monday May 27, 2019

Oh so China is miffed with the U.S.? Wasn’t Columbus conveniently going to Asia (India) to trade when it ‘discovered’ “Amerigo? Asians and Europeans are tied at the hip in deep trade. Its historical obsession. It aint gonna stop anytime soon. It aint gonna be ezy. Asians’ trade unconcerned about African Americans or their being cut out of important job creation industries. Asians fight European-Americans but would never look at the effect of their cosy relationship with their European brethren on the same stretch of continent. Asians trade greed is as amorphous as Europeans’.

The two had fought horrific wars and never learn. The two are controversial. Dont ever take sides because they are in each other’s bedroom, for ages. They make money together, they are fabulously wealthy alike and have synergy. Where Blacks will not dare tread, these two are there, twitching each other’s toes, technology, electronics, inventions – all magic. They wont stop. If its not Japan, it will be Taiwan then China, then Singapore, then Hongkong or Thailand, Australia or New Zealand.

The very people that horrifically mistreated China, is now their biggest trade partners. Not that I want Europe or European-Americans as trade partners. You can have them any day. Thank you. And take the earth ruinous system with you all.

CGTN on May 22, 2019

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