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    France’s Yellow Vest


    Jan 20, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 20, 2019

    This is the kind of analysis we are looking for and help them out. Europeans do suffer from their political system. Key:

    1. Contempt for the working class, that the unemployed section of the French indigents are lazy and dumb
    2. Macron is the president of the very rich and cuts budgets that aids the needy
    3. Increment of gas tax that increases divide the city dwellers and suburb dwellers, the budget cut shuttered many train stations, meaning, reduction in government services.
    4. Been hit hard by globalization -factories have closed, jobs disappeared and people resent it because they want a piece of the wealth pie.
    5. Importantly their president Macron did not reinstate “solidarity tax on wealth’ (what does this mean?), which to the yellow vests signify the injustices.

    Draconian measures that feeds dissent and eventually topples governments. It doesn’t depict independence of mind. The speaker throws in ‘relationship’ at (9:45) which Europeans are very short of. Butcher someone’s posh shop pointedly because you are displeased. He said ‘all elites are resented in France’, meaning this is not really about the real poor. You are Europeans and you keep Europe at heart.

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