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    French Identity Politics


    Dec 20, 2018
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    Yorbing Staff, December 20, 2018

    A love match for like-mindedness – Canada First Nation will weep for this -if French people, their most important citizens feels like they are isolated by France’s imperialism and awhoring in other people’s countries and plundering, enslaving and occupying other race’s countries, then the French should pack up and stay in France. No body forces Europeans to be awhoring abroad. Colony here, invasion there, money everywhere…for your expensive lifestyles.

    Then when the abhorrents leaves, something else does, your so called ‘civilization’ which you so crave for, to be alone, in your splendor and glorious streets, lightened with gaudy stones and frumpy carvings. So who is French? You, of course. If Canadian French on somebody else’s land, including all over earth where you guys are scattered, and the other races behave like you and want to be rid of you, how would you feel? Its very comfortable to be a king in  your corner of earth but when hunger and mother nature strikes and you have no where to go but a hated people and a loathed race’s country, beware.

    No it is not realistic because there are world trade system, which Europeans long cheat on everyone else, just like they are cheating so soon after a vicious war among their colonies and still reeling from the impact. Sorry but France or French do not have any right to ‘want to have a land back’ called France. It left the moment they decided to change their own to be imperialists in Cote d’Ivoire, the Meditarranean and northern Africa or across the Atlantic to Canada, America etc. France as a land does not belong to whites only, sorry.

    The remigration proposal is bullshit. Look at the location of nasty France on the map. The whole of precious Europe region is as big as one country in Africa, Congo.

    We see your spirit and it is nasty just like your cruel forebears who ransack Jerusalem and call it their own. Lost souls.

    This is actually a romantic side of a mobbed rebellion, a fight for a civil right that was denied others in heinous crime against humanity. Today you are together with other Germanics and not fighting for a sliver of land in Lyor‘. 

    If Le Pen wins, they will do well, betray themselves and reality of the larger world much worse than them will be waiting for them to deal with. Right now let them continue with their romance for power rise with Trump as their guide, pure Germanics, out for glory again. Keep conquering bros.

    Excellent al Jazeera documentary.

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