• Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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    People of other continents are made to “join” an European “rule” when in fact west Europe is no bigger than a region.

    There is always a misconception that west Europe is large and influential given its small size. It looks as if Europeans are bent on infecting everybody with their rule or worship of “free capitalist system”. Just pack and go home, people need to trade but if you are too greedy and untrained to control yourself then get out of the market. People are forced to reckon to armed west European colonists and has attacked us since. As if that is not enough, look at south Africa. European trade competitors seek to control other countries and peoples who have no affinity to them whatsoever to be aligned in the strangest of ways, “colony”. Its like packing your bags to live above a super store to get immediate hold to the goods first hand. The intention of west Europeans is to actively get involved in world trades, siphon off everybody to feed their ever huge population, an ever increasing population that the small size of west Europe can sustain over time and cause huge spillovers, spread throughout the tundra and temperate regions of the globe.

    West Europeans knew they had neighbors but did not act nicely towards them. Deny as much as western Europeans might want us to believe, they indeed expand their territories in order to grab whatever comes into their orbit and looks good to the eye. west Europeans foraging was a mass hysteria of Biblical proportions, its embers still felt today, unashamedly settling in groups in unfamiliar terrains, as if demented to escape Europe to where-ever, in mineral mining, farming etc with the benign blessing of their gluttonous monarchs, who grant them favors by injunctions in otherwise bizarre papers and certifications that has no bearings on native populations. As if that is not enough, they migrate with their religious bearings. The dangers of slavery, diseases and indigenous revolts are met with the most brutal gun fights. In most cases its a clear intention to fan out and settle land accorded bravely by their political leaders. An example is the famous 160 acre land act called Homestead Act for Europeans to expand totally ignoring native’s protests of their country and customs of land issues. European military cut down native Americans with many battles and gun fights, signed by Abraham Lincoln in 1862, often rough-shodding over the will of the native dwellers and indigenous populations. At the same time, military expansionism was occurring in other continents already – Africa, Americas, and Asia, Australia. Europeans believe in conquest with ideology and scientific reasoning. It is beneficial, economically. It gives them excess foods and arable lands for food production and economic growth. It gives them money (gold, silver, bronze) to buy other goods from world traders and fill their coffers for more, to purchase more in case they run out. Its set for them to continue this way. Slaves (of African descents) was to allow them leverage for more farm labor (without salaries for workers) for their countries growth. Foods were processed in their factories, in which they build, to accommodate the “booties” of the world and they festered and grew, as they wanted.

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