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    Garment Industries in West Africa Face Stiff Competition


    Oct 1, 2018
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    West African garments are custom-made by tailors and seamstresses and been so since dressmaking and tailoring has been in the region. Now with the inception of FDIs coming in, those in dressmaking business face a stiff competition and threat of extinction, unless they modernize and compete fiercely with new strategies of their own. Maybe collaborating with other garment outfits to open a brand or two.

    For west African standards C &H Garments is a clean, modern environment that is of better value but not the intricate handcrafted, personal touch that fashionistas value. Also the threat of mass production of same clothes is unappealing and has the dangers of flooding the west African markets and killing small ones. How do one compete with giants? Mass production has already killed off many small businesses in the U.S markets and this is only a matter of time when talents will be discouraged and mass-consumption-type of production take over. Markets are already flooded with mass-made items and landfills.

    I have noticed that the news on CGTN is non-critical of the likely effects of these ventures. The news items are mostly devoid of critical analysis needed for a better grasp of pitfalls along the way and which are most likely to happen. Unless CGTN reporters add critical analysis to their reportage we will be hard on their heels.

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