Garment Manufacturing, U.S. Losing Out?

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Yorbing Staff Friday February 22, 2019

A great resource right here in the U.S. to keep spirits up and delve into startup heaven. Attend these sessions for your products, first hand.

A 2013 viewpoint: Japan is the most expensive to manufacture garments, New York city second most expensive, LA is the third most expensive, Seoul Korea is the fourth most expensive, and then China, but where in China? Then Milan, mostly by Chinese migrants to Italy but still expensive to manufacture there. Its between second and fourth most expensive.

So the guy’s argument is that garment manufacturing in China and Seoul is cheaper but still expensive.

Do not offshore your skills. Sew at home here in the U.S. and dont be bothered by Asian competition. Talent, skill and patient, wins.

Check your quality control and work on bettering your sewing skills to beat the fierce Asian migrants’ skills. Remember Filipinos mass migration hordes of nurses? China’s is fashion, on both fronts in California and store ownership across the U.S.

Dos Santos here is Asian-Latin-American but the style of information is a closely-held secret that he uses to promote himself because the industry does not have enough open communication to keep startups into the market.

Avoid those who will not divulge in information for you to feel better that the industry is viable and free. They are wont to share information. Its jealously guarded because U.S. whites and Asians consistently betray their fellow Blacks and others who want to get into it.

  1. Go specific to the topic or industry items your need- just youtube or google it.
  2. Its your niche skill that matters but in a high testosterone atmosphere its hard not to cry.
  3. Get to your problem quickly to solve them by you-tubing your topics.
  4. Avoid low self-esteemed, over bloated egomaniacs who self-promotes.
  5. Snob those who lie to self promote.

Simply check out the beginning of T shirt business at NBM. Attend the seminars and sign up for great skilled art there. Great resources to help you start.

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