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    Germanic Berlin Versus Mexico Wall


    Nov 2, 2018
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    Berlin Wall, before and after. Trumps’ family in Kalsdtadt Germany know about walls between them and Russians. Europeans exports their own deep divisions among themselves!

    and colonists mindset

    and Africa’s own dilemma, caught between and victimized. The Belgium Museum is a used as an artwork for whites themselves and have nothing to do with regret of crimes against humanity. Its shown contemporaneously as a mouth piece for continued abuse of power. Its intended to intimidate and silent critics within the Belgium political system. This video might depict plight of Congolese but its not fully representative of the Congolese perspective.

    What about now? What is trade with Belgium look like? Shouldn’t Congolese and Africans avoid Europeans at all cost? Belgium operated a human zoo (of Congo people) in Belgium. To terrorize their own political opponents?

    An interesting spin on a tortured people.

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